Saturday, August 20, 2011

Little black book

Teenage Queen & I went to go pack for Project SOS yesterday at the Banquet. The Banquet helps folks trying to make ends meet & offers a variety of services. Project SOS (Supply Our Students) will provide a backpack & necessary supplies to start school, a value of around $200 which is huge if you are barely getting by as is.
In order to make this happen, you need an army of volunteers. My policy is I buy a round of supplies when I buy stuff for my kids & just drop it in the box when we leave the store.
In order to go from boxes all over town to backpacks being handed out today, someone needs to sort out the various supplies by type and by grade. Little elves had everything together so when we arrived yesterday, we were ready to go.
Teen Queen & I were on pen patrol for the 6 & 7 th grade backpacks. In less than two hours, we filled hundreds of backpacks.

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