Saturday, December 31, 2011

My Heart Goes Bang

Our new Year's eve celebration was low key. We had food, tv marathons (twilight zone, 3 stooges, big bang theory), a botched excursion to a hockey game (sensory overload), more food and ended our night with a few smaller bangs and sparkles.
We even had noisemakers and champagne.
Marble race tracks and Mario.
Little man tried my famous party punch and declared it awesome. "it tastes better than fanta," he declared.
We watched the ball drop in New York with Dick Clark, who counted down every new year whilst I was growing up, had the honors. Even though we are in the Midwest, we celebrated on jersey time.
Went to bed, with dreams of sparklers and smoke bombs, and hope for a new year in my heart.
Welcome 2012.

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