Sunday, May 29, 2016

Egg McMoms

I am making the conscious choice to eat healthier. Some people call it clean eating, I'm just calling it making better choices. I tend to put myself last, and not pack healthy lunches (which sets me up for take out) and worse, not eating a good for me breakfast. 

I made the switch a few weeks ago. I decided to make my breakfasts for the whole week. You know, planning ahead. How very unlike the current incarnation of me. 

I decided on Egg McMoms for my breakfasts, with some fruit on the side. They are super easy, freeze well and are incredibly filling.

You need:

English muffins
6 eggs
Diced peppers & onions (I used frozen)
Sliced cheese
1 c milk
Hot sauce

Mix the eggs and milk together until well combined. Add hot sauce, peppers, onions & spinach. Pour into a baking dish and bake at 375 for about 20 minutes (or until set).

To assemble: 
Place sausage on a muffin piece. Top with egg mixture & a slice of cheese. 

To serve: 
Heat in the microwave for about 45 seconds.

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