Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Welcome back!

Its been months since I've posted, not for the lack of creativity either. Just a severe lack of time. I haven't had time to turn around and take care of me let alone anything else. My house is a mess, my life is a mess and I am enjoying every minute of it or so it seems. I got way off track with the weight loss over the winter and the lack of spring we've had this year. I really rebelled against eating healthy and exercising. It seems whenever I start being healthy, I get a cold. Its like my body is purging all the toxins and I wind up sick. But I will perservere through this. My main focus is showing my son what healthy living is all about. I am also trying to do little things for me everyday. Mommy wasn't taking good care of herself and that showed in everything I've done. When I take care of me, I glow. Taking care of me is eating right, moving more and doing little things like doing my hair or putting on makeup-although some mornings it seems like the impossible dream with the little man to get motivated.
But I am back. And better than ever.

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