Sunday, August 29, 2010

99 Channels (And Nothing Is On)

Its Sunday, and a new week is starting. I will admit that I am very tired this morning, mostly due to a certain kitten who has decided that night time is play time.
Today, I have a busy day ahead of me. Church, Sunday School and Children's Chapel. After that I have to go grocery shopping, come home and get some meals prepped for the week. Do some laundry, tidy up the house. I want to do a little spa day too-mani, pedi and massage. Pick some flowers from the garden. Make dinner. Its all good, and I am looking forward to time with my family.
Oh yeah, and there's a nap for me in there somewhere too.
I spent part of the afternoon yesterday steam cleaning the carpets in my living room. They desperately needed it. I had marker stains thanks to the puppy dog chomping on them. I would try to get them with other cleaners, and they would lighten, but they were still there. The steam cleaner thing works a lot better, and the carpets look great.
I spent part of the day yesterday too, taking a look at what I've got going on in my life and how to best get it all organized. I have 24 hours a day. 9 are spent working and commuting. 8 or so are spent sleeping. That leaves me an additional 7 hours to live my life. There is cooking and cleaning to get done, help with homework, and be a mom and wife.
Thinking about all that needs to get done, made me re-evaluate things that I do and how I manage my time and life. I spend a lot of time watching TV that really isn't necessary. There are 2 shows that I really enjoy-Glee and Ghost Hunters-and everything thing else is not really necessary. I do like the background noise but I do waste a lot of time watching and vegetating.
So, I have decided that instead of dropping my butt on the couch, I am going to do appointment TV viewing. Sure, I'll join my family and all, but I am going to work on not being sucked into it. I think that this will allow me to get more done in my life-and be able to focus on my family more.
Its amazing how I let myself get sucked into watching tv all the time, even if there's nothing on that I want to watch-I find something "tolerable" but I don't do anything else, because I am watching TV...and this is a habit I don't want the little man to get into. He can exist without the tv as background noise, and doesn't HAVE to watch. That's good-he'd rather play anyway-and that's a habit I want him to have.

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