Friday, August 27, 2010

The Climb

Its Friday. I survived a crazy week at work. First Youth Group meetings of the year. Last night was my first PTO meeting as President. I really need to go grocery shopping. I also need to get the house tidied up and finish the laundry. I have some youth group stuff to get done, and some planning to do for next week. Then there is the matter of ordering pictures (right now I am liking Walgreens for that) and getting some papers to make the Little Man's party invitations and start scrapping again.
Tonight, we have a lot of leftovers in the fridge, so we can whip something up from that.
Tomorrow, I would love to have French dips with onion rings and salad and brownies
Sunday, sweet chili chicken, fried rice, wontons (homemade) and stir fry veggies with orange fluff for dessert
Monday baked ziti, garlic bread, spinach and fake tiramisu
Tuesday cajun chicken casserole (leftover desserts)
Wednesday pot luck at church
Thursday waffles, sausage & sunshine punch OR garbage night (leftovers)
Friday chicken enchiladas, rice, refried beans with lava cake
Saturday-pizza & wings

I do need to get some healthy stuff for lunches next week. The little man is back into eating fruit again (yay!) so I am excited about that. I need to start eating fruit again too.

Next week isnt as crazy as this past week was, and I can focus on my family again. Outside of youth group and my sleep study next friday night, I have nothing going on. I see this as an opportunity to spend time scrapbooking and starting on the Holiday Grand Plan.

I've used the HGP off and on for about 11 years now. The years that I use it, my holidays have been successful and stress free. The times I don't, not so much. I don't have the time to go all crazy in November to be ready for Christmas, but if I start now I don't have to stress out come Thanksgiving. It also helps get your house in order for the holidays (a lot of the decluttering and stuff is done.) I got the whole concept of feeding the freezer from it as well.

Feeding the freezer is something that I need to get back into. It makes sense, I have the freezer space and I can be less stressed. On my flow chart, this week is the week I have scheduled to do breakfasts and brunches. Basically, that's making up a dozen egg mc mom's (english muffin, eggs, cheese and a sausage patty), breakfast burritos and healthy muffins as well as waffles. It takes about an hour or so usually to do all the cooking and prep, and then I've got a freezer full of goodies that make my life easier.

I used to do a lot of advance planning, back in the day. But that fell by the wayside a few years ago and its been hard to get back to where I once was. But I've been doing it, slowly. I've been losing weight without even trying. I've been told that I look better and healthier, and I feel that way too. I have more energy. My temper is under control (because I am planning in advance for things so I am not frzzled). The house is cleaner (other than the hot wheels that engulf my living room. heck, the whole house)and we eat better meals. I just feel happy. I have a reasonable start on getting my life back on track.
If you're in the pit, you can choose to go up. Its a long way to the top, but you also get to enjoy the climb along the way.

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