Friday, September 24, 2010


It's Friday and my heckilicious week has come to a close. Well, not really. Tomorrow is the Little Man's party and I need an all night miracle to pull this off. I have to pick up the cake, food, candy for the pinata, and the pin the tail on the donkey game. I also have booty bags to put together, finish cleaning up the house, maybe putting out the fall decorations, and a few various other things.
My schedule is unrelentless, but it is of my own making.
Next week I have another PTO related meeting, more stuff to do in my spare time for it, and the whole Sunday school/youth group/etc etc etc.
I am tired.
Add to it the fact that I am somewhat out of sorts right now. I am still trying to get my new phone up and running, and my calendar on there is still missing stuff. I don't have all my contacts together, and I feel like I am missing things here and there. So, I am struggling to be organized. I have all sorts of great apps on there, but I am not using them to their fullest extent because I haven't entered all the information I need to on there.
So, eventually I will.
I need to spend some time at lunch scrapping again. First and foremost, I need to get my pictures uploaded from the camera and printed. Its hard to scrap imaginary pictures.
I always seem to have the best of intentions, but my follow through stinks.
Every morning I intend to eat healthy, drink water, exercise, clean my house, cook fabulous meals, keep up with the laundry, get enough sleep, look incredible and basically be perfect.
Then reality sets in.
I need to get my butt in gear, and get things taken care of in a timely fashion. I've been thinking about meal planning, and how best to do it. I also think about the best way to keep up with the laundry and the house work. What is going to work best for me to get everything done every day. I lost control this week just because I was not around, and that was a big ouch. My living room is a giant hot wheels track. There's laundry to be put away, a dishwasher to be emptied and refilled, and the regular daily cleaning to be done.
Big Man has been tired and he was forced to hold down the fort all week. He didn't get much of a break, because I came home, ate dinner and was right out the door again. He had to take care of everything else-and get up for work at 1:30 in the morning on top of it. But, this week is almost behind us. And then it will be onto the next.
Basically, I have taught myself that if I don't do the little things everyday (a load of laundry, swishing & swiping the bathrooms, straightening up, swiftering the floor, feather dusting)then within 24 hours its absolute chaos. Add to it, I can't tell the little man to do things with any authority if I am not doing them myself. I really am tired of the inconsistency in my life.
There are days when I feel like I don't get it. And then there are days where I spend all my time second guessing everything.
But today, I am choosing confidence. I may not get the house spotless before I leave for work, but I can put a huge dent into it. I can get it started, and then finish tonight. I will need lots and lots of coffee and truly be jazzed about the party tomorrow.
It's all good.

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