Saturday, September 25, 2010

Today is the Little Man's birthday party. Unfortunately, it is raining out so we will be inside. We will play pin the tail on the donkey, musical chairs, decorate pumpkins, have cake, open presents, eat lunch, play. Its the longest two hours of any parent's lives-but oh so much fun!
I have to go to wally world this morning and get the last of the party stuff. There's pumpkins, and decorations to buy. Food-chicken nuggets, french fries and fruit, juice boxes and soda for parents. Ice cream to go with the cake. Plastic cutlery. Candy for the pinata.
My timeline for this afternoon:
1-1:15 kids arrive, go downstairs
1:15-1:30 eat lunch, free play
1:30-1:45 decorate pumpkins
1:45-2 musical chairs
2-2:15 pin the tail on the donkey
2:15-2:30 presents
2:30-3 cake, free play
3:00 kids go home. Mommy and Daddy relax and clean up.
My plan is to take pictures of the little man with the person who gave him the gift for the thank you cards.
I need to get motivated to get my day on, but I honestly am not feeling it. I am tired, and achy and congested. The thought of Walmart has me shuddering with fear, since I despise that place but it is one stop shopping.
I need to go take my shower, and get dressed and go. I still have a little cleaning to do upstairs but its not much. Its the usual Saturday morning cleaning and if I have time I might lemon oil the table and server to make it look all shiny and pretty.
Then after all the festivities are over, we will be picking up a foster daughter. Of course, we have no idea how long we will have her, or what will happen but for a brief period of time I will be mothering two children.
I always wanted a large family, but as time has gone on I've scaled back my expectations. I think two are good, but I am ok with just the little man. Whatever God brings my way.

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