Sunday, September 26, 2010

I survived the party yesterday. Lots of sugar and junk food (although I did have a fruit tray, go-gurt and apple slices). I have a sugar hangover today too. But its all good. Little Man and his friends played air hockey, hot wheels, decorated pumpkins, made candy necklaces, ate lots of food. We played musical chairs and pin the tail on the donkey. Little Man had a Toy Story cake that went well with ice cream. It was awesome!
After the party, we picked up our house guest. No idea how long, or anything else, but I am going to do my best while she's here. Little Man is enjoying it as well.
Today, after church, I have to go get HG some clothes. And go grocery shopping. I think for this week, to make life easy, I am going to plan an easy menu.
Tonight-chicken stir fry, egg rolls, orange fluff
Monday-grilled cheese, carrot sticks with dip, chips, cookies
Tuesday-chicken & rice casserole, brownies
Wednesday-breakfast for dinner(youth group)
Thursday-tortellini soup, garlic bread, leftover desserts
Friday-pesto chicken, pasta, broccoli (free night at the Pavillion)
Saturday-hot dogs, macaroni & cheese, baked beans, veggies, cake

For lunches, cheese sandwiches for the little man and HG with apple slices, go-gurt, treat and juice. For me: Monday-left over chicken stir fry, Tuesday macaroni & cheese with veggies, Wednesday left over casserole Thursday-lunch at the cafeteria Friday leftovers or macaroni & cheese.

I also need to make sure that we all eat a healthy breakfast-cereal or oatmeal and juice to make sure we have energy to get through our days.

This week I don't have as much going on-a meeting Tuesday night for the Hullabaloo, and then youth group Wednesday night. I can focus on being a wife and mom this week and not feel like I am running all over the place. Which I was last week. This week its all about family. And house. And being what I do best-domestic diva.

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