Monday, September 27, 2010

It Ain't Easy

I have suddenly found myself parenting two very unique children. Little Man I can just give him a look and he knows what I am thinking. HG, well its just over 24 hours, so she's still learning. I need to figure out how to balance things out-time with both, time for housework, and for me. Its double the work-with a little girl and hair, its actually triple-but I always wanted a big family.
I know that I can do it all, with grace, finesse and class.
Unfortunately, the last few days my back has decided to fire up again. I don't know what triggers it, but its miserable. I get tired and cranky because it hurts. Its across my shoulders and no amount of massage or biofreeze or anything seems to help. Its a dull ache and it limits movement. Its a deep muscular pain that just stinks.
So last Tuesday or so, the back began to fire up again. At that point, I began to struggle with everything else, because I just HURT. Its only my back that feels like that, and it gives me an insight into people with real problems like RA or MS or whatever. So, I hurt and ache and am miserable. The rest of the family knows better when I am feeling like this and they just avoid me and let me be. HG will have to learn as well I suppose.
So, this morning, after I am done chugging some coffee and doing my yoga stretches, I need to get some laundry in the washer. Get on the treadmill. Take a shower and make a miracle out of my hair. Get three people dressed, fed and out the door (plus taking care of two animals). Somewhere in between I also need to empty the dishwasher and prep dinner. No meetings or anything tonight (breathing sigh of relief) but lots of homework for the Little Man. I have some work to do too for next Sunday-I have both Children's Chapel and Middle School Sunday School to do.
This week, luckily, I have very little going on, which is a relief for me. I need this time to get back into the groove with keeping up with housework and all.
Some super heroes wear capes. This one wears an apron.

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