Thursday, September 23, 2010

I admit it. I am very tired this morning. I've been living at breakneck speed all week. I'm baking banana bread for an event at work this morning and its 5:30 AM. I have PTO tonight. Little Man's "friend's" party is Saturday and there is still so much to be done for that as well. Not to mention everything else that goes on regularly in my life.
I double and triple book my days, which does have some benefits and there are also some drawbacks too. The main drawback is that I totally miss my family this week, and that I won't be spending any time with them really until this weekend.
The Big Man & I were ships passing in the night yesterday in particular. I came home from work, Little Man had a friend over for a play date. Big Man was watching the kids play. I laid down on the sofa for about 20 minutes to shut my mind off and transition to home mind. Big Man cooked dinner, ate (basically inhaled) and went off to youth group. Came home and it was nearly bed time for the little man, so we didn't get to spend any time together.
I'm back on that hamster wheel. And I am not enjoying it.
By this time next week, all of this will be a distant memory. And that's a good thing. But right now I need to just muddle through and its a little hard.
But muddle I will. I am great at muddling, to be perfectly honest.
Its all good, and these weeks teach me a lot about efficiency. I learn how to do more with less time. To multitask with ease. Have razor sharp focus on tasks.
I have been "good" this week-I'm drinking water and not soda. I'm working out and eating healthy. I'm trying to get enough rest every day.

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