Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Its My Life

Its another Wednesday. Its supposed to be a monsoon later today, just in time for youth group. I'm hoping that won't affect turn out.
Its been a long week in oh so many ways. Neither the Big Man or I have gotten enough sleep. There are other issues too-getting ready for the Little Man's party on Saturday, trying to get a gazillion other things done as well with very little time available.

But all I can do is focus on today. Little Man got his midterm report card and he is doing very well in school. I am quite proud of him for that. At the library over the weekend, we found a DVD of the Miss Nelson books, which he was reading in school. In addition, we were playing on websites that his teacher has a link to on her website. We played with Captain Underpants and the Discovery Channel Puzzle page. His teacher is a math specialist, and as a result is very focused on math. He has assignments that need to be done every week on the publisher's website. He knows the material, he just doesn't like doing it.

Its very exciting to see and watch my son grow up. Sure there are moments of frustration and anger and all that, but the overwhelming amount of time I spend in fascination, amusement and unmitigated joy. It amazes me how he's changed over time, and what he is now capable of that wasn't there before. It makes me proud and I feel like I am doing my mommy duty correctly.

I do have lots going on in my life, and sometimes I feel like I am a master juggler. First and foremost, I am a wife and mother. I have two very important boys to take care of, as well two other vip's (very important pets). I work full time as well as oversee the Christian Education program at my church. I am PTO president, with all that entails. I have friends and family that I try to make time for. I have hobbies that I love that I need to keep me sane. Its craziness, but its my life and despite the occassional whine, I love it.

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