Monday, September 20, 2010


Its another Monday, and I am trying to get myself motivated.
I need to get myself awake and functioning.

I did find some new apps for my phone that are super cool. I found a new radio app, that will allow me to listen to some of my favorite radio stations from "back home" on my phone. I had a similiar app on my blackberry so I knew there had to be one for the droid as well. I also found a podcast app, so all the podcasts that I download to my ipod-well, now I can listen to them on my phone as well. Its better living through technology.

It ties into the sermon that I heard yesterday in church. It was about stewardship, but not the usual stewardship sermon. It was more about what do you do with your time, talent and treasure? It got me to thinking...what do I do with my gifts? Do I really use my time wisely? NO!! I admit that I find a lot of time killers in my life...and its not really great. I could better utilize time on a regular basis. Part of it is maximizing my time and results.
I know that I need to do certain things every day to keep my life running smoothly. One is to get enough rest. Secondly is to eat healthy. Third is to move more. Fourth is to be better organized. Fifth is to just relax. It sounds easier than it looks, but for the most part I do all of the above in one way or another.
The rest and relaxation are issues for me because I don't really do them very well. Not for a lack of trying either. I just can't shut things down and its a struggle. I did find a couple of apps for yoga and meditation for my phone that I need to try out. That might help a bit.
The big man moved the treadmill from one side of the basement to back over where the tv is, so I am excited this morning to hop on, read Real Simple magazine and watch Mike & Mike. Its just getting myself motivated to get downstairs.
And throw laundry in, and etc. etc. etc.
I need to just relax and find ways to make my life work for me, instead of the other way around.

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