Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sunday mornings

Its Sunday. Its cold and gloomy looking outside today, which means it will be a good day to clean up the house and bake. Laundry is done, errands ran yesterday (even grocery shopping-yay me!) so I just need to clean. The Big Man is finishing up down stairs and I've got the main level to do. Its a perfect day to wash windows and make fall gingerbread cookies. Its also a great day to watch football!
It's also Woofstock today at the dog park, but I don't know if we'll go or not. It might be too cold to enjoy it fully.
The Big Man moved the treadmill and bowflex from one side of the basement to the other so there is the tv to watch in the mornings when I get on it. I like watching Mike & Mike on ESPN2 when I am waking up. Its mindless chatter, especially now that its football season, and I rather like hearing something that doesn't make me think.
I've got to get myself in gear to get ready to teach children's chapel this morning. I've got a craft all planned out-we're going to make tissue paper flowers that goes along with today's Bible story. The epistle talks about prayer, so we can spend some time talking about prayer too. Its so fun watching the delight on the kids' faces when we play a game related to the lesson and they realize church CAN be fun. I need to add songs to it, but singing was definately not a gift of the spirit I received. But I can muddle through it, I hope!
I do need to get my shower done, and get ready to go by 9 AM (its 745 right now), but I am struggling to get motivated today. Big Man had a store meeting at work at 6, so I was waiting for him to get home. However, he's not back yet and I need time for my hair to dry. So...give the little man breakfast and get motivated, and get myself out of the house. Then this afternoon is football (Jets vs. Patriots at 3 and the Manning bowl tonight)I've got snacks to partake in and a pork roast to make for dinner tonight.
Life is good.

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