Saturday, September 18, 2010

Saturday morning. Its 7 AM & the sun is barely coming up. It must be fall-or almost fall. Time to bring out the decorations and make things look all purty.
I found fall colored dish towels last week, and these are the handiest things! I use them for everything from dishes to cleaning bath tubs to an ice pack in a pinch.
I also love Fall colors period.
Today I do have a bit to do. I have to get the pinata for the Little Man's party next week. I also have a few things to pick up in the grocery store. Lots and lots of cleaning to do. I want to move the hot wheels tracks out of my living room and downstairs to the play room. I also want to tidy up everything. There is a lot of laundry to do as well. I have to plan out meals for the week-because next week, once again, will be crazy. I also have to really think about lunches, because I am tired of not eating something healthy.
I really don't like frozen dinners.
I'd rather have a sandwich so I think that I am going to try that next week. Do a wrap sandwich, loaded with veggies. Some chips and some fruit. I'm tired to eating crap for lunch and having the blahs all afternoon.
I have to get myself motivated to get it all done today. Its a week until someone's birthday party. That's not the reason. but its a big motivator.
I did get some stuff started. I've got my clothes together for the week (both work and casual). Little Man's laundry just got started, so I can take care of his clothes when that's done. Right now he's picking up the hundreds of cars from the living room floor and putting them in a plastic shoebox. Now its off to watch his hot wheels movies.
I also want to get my mani & pedi done sometime this weekend.
And it is definately baking weather. I think I may whip up some apple oat cups. If they last, it might be something good for the Little Man to take with his lunch.
Lunch is a definately an issue for the Little Man as well. He will eat cheese sandwiches, jelly sandwiches or a pop tart. That's it. I try to give him fruit with his lunch, and he of course gets some juice. Some days are more successful than others. I want him to eat healthy, but he doesn't always. There are days when the fruit comes home in the lunch box.
I need to get my day going. The sun is coming out, and it is looking like a beautiful Fall day.

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