Friday, September 17, 2010

On Stage

Little Man & I saw Nick Jr. Live last night. It was the first time he sat through a live theatrical performance and he loved it! We were in the upper balcony and it really was the perfect view.
I am always amazed at how mature he can be in certain moments. Last night was one of them. He sat and watched in awe, and was really into it. He's at that funny stage where he's not ready for the more grown up cartoons, but he's almost too old for the ones on Nick Jr. So, we are a little stuck in terms of viewing.
I am enjoying this stage of his life. He's able to be somewhat independent, but on the other hand he's still a little boy. He loves me to read bedtime stories to him, and he still loves to cuddle. On the other hand, he has some very definite opinions on things and independent thought. I love hanging out with him, and the way he's growing up happy.
That's what I want more than anything else-growing up happy, healthy, smart and well adjusted. I pray for that every night. I am so blessed that my son makes being a mom easy.

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