Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Happy Birthday

Its the Little Man's 8th birthday.
I often wonder if his birth parents think about him on his birthday, wonder where he is and how he is. I would hope that they would do something to acknowledge him, and how he was their first born. I would hope that there is a lump in her throat when its the exact moment he emerged into this world. I would hope that her now ex-husband thinks of his son and what could have been.

And I think of how grateful I am that they made their choices and the Little Man is now MY son, and that the Big Man and I love him beyond words.

8 years old. Wow. Where did the time go? He's growing up so fast. He went from a little boy to a little man overnight.

I look at him, and the two missing front teeth, and am amazed at how his facial features have changed and evolved over time. He looks less like a little boy and more like the tween he's starting to turn into. There are definite opinions on clothes, music, tv, and everything else. And there are most definite thoughts on what to do all the time. I am grateful that he is as opionated as he is-because its a sign he is interacting with the world.

I think about how our little family has changed over time too. In many ways I love my husband more because of what a great dad he is. I never knew how much patience and love I had until I became a mother. My outlook on life and the world has changed, and for the better. All because of a little blond haired brown eyed adorable little person.

Happy birthday little man. Enjoy your day.

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