Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Just Like Starting Over

I don't know why I am so completely out of sorts lately. Ever since I had that sleep study, I am not sleeping well-how ironic, isn't it?
So today I have a busy day ahead of me-finish the laundry, bake cupcakes for the Little Man's class, do the party invitations for him, tidy up the house, and do a million other things plus go to work on top of it all.

Little Man woke up reaaaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllllllllly early this morning, and needed to play Hot Wheels at 5 am.

It seems like I need more coffee than anything else right now. Can I just get an IV hookup?

I have the best of intentions to do things, they just don't get done and it frustrates me. I had every intention of feeding the freezer with chicken on Sunday, but it didn't happen. There are a lot of things that didn't happen over the last few weeks, mainly because I am just so tired and I don't really get a chance to stop and relax.

I love to read, yet I haven't gone to the library lately to take out anything. I love to listen to music, yet I haven't updated my ipod lately. I've been meaning to do a mani & pedi, but once again not taking care of that either. There is no blatant disregard for any of the above, its just not happening.

It all goes back to not sleeping well, and not taking care of myself overall. I will admit last week I was really bad with not eating healthy and drinking water or exercising or anything really. Its not taking the time to breathe and keep my head above water over all.

So, today I have another chance to regroup and start over.

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