Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Have a Drink On Me

It's Tuesday, for all you keeping track at home. Its back to work and back to school for me and the little man-Big Man had to work yesterday, so he was already in the groove. I finally "caught up" on the lack of sleep since my sleep study on Friday.
I was busy and productive yesterday-cleaned the house, did a bunch of laundry, cooked a few meals too. Yesterday we had sloppy joes and corn, and I made chili for tonight. I also cooked pasta Wednesday, for baked ziti that I am going to put together tonight or tomorrow morning. I have a PTO subcommittee meeting here tonight, so I need to get some spice cake made-I will make it and have the Big Man put it in later. Same with laundry.
The only thing I didn't get done was put up my fall decorations, but that will come in time. Probably this weekend. Since I am back on track with cleaning, I can actually be more productive with less time at home. The key is planning ahead and doing things consistently. For example, the daily cleaning that I do (dust, swifter, swish & swipe) makes all the difference in keeping up with the house. Same with planning meals. That makes a huge difference in terms of not eating take out or doing the 5 o'clock scramble.
It seemed like yesterday went on forever too, but in a good way. Little Man rode his bike early in the morning, and I had a chance to start trimming bushes. Got the house cleaned up and cooked. Played with my son. Did laundry. Watched a thunderstorm blow through. Hung out with my boys. Little Man had friends over to play. Made and ate brownies. Watched the Yankees game. Big Man told me that he was completely able to relax because the house was clean. That made me day, week, year!
Friday is the Princess' 21st birthday. She wants to go to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner (its her day, its her choice)so I guess that's what we are doing. I have to stop and get a gift for her this week too. Not quite sure what to get her. For the last decade we've been at opposite ends of the spectrum. Its also where we are in our lives. However, my essential core at 21 is basically who I am today. And by the Princess' standards, I am pretty darn boring, but that's ok. I was never really a party girl-sure I went out with my sorority sisters, and I was usually the designated driver. I loved to go clubbing, especially during the heyday of NYC clubs in the early 90's (it was kind of a golden era of clubs)but I was there to go dancing, not drinking. For my 21st birthday, I got taken by my gals to Chippendales (not as great as it might sound, but still fun).
I am still not a drinker. I'm not saying that I wouldn't have one now and then-occassionally I like a Sam Adams or an amaretto sour-but I am not a big drinker. I don't like the taste of alcohol, and that's not something you just get over. Like walking in high heels, you either have it or not. I don't have either one of those skills.
Some people have to go out all the time. Even in my 20's, I liked being a homebody. Sure, I like the date night thing but I also like just hanging with my boys. Especially since you really cant half of our family most places, and besides how I am going to get a leash on kamikaze kitty?
Its Tuesday, and I need to get the day going. There is laundry to put up. Beds to make, treadmill to hit, pilates to do, breakfast to eat. Cake mix to put into a bundt pan for this evening. Chili to throw in the crockpot. Daily cleaning to do. Its all good, and I can get it all done. After the next cup of coffee.

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