Sunday, September 05, 2010

Sleeping My Day Away

Its the Sunday of Labor Day weekend, and yesterday was a lost day for me. I had a sleep study on Friday night, and ironically did not sleep well. I was dragging butt all day and really got nothing done. So today, I have to double up on work today.
After church, I need to do laundry big time. There's probably about 8 loads to do. Its the whole wash, dry, fold and put away and possibly iron.
I need to get the kitchen cleaned up, and move the hot wheels tracks out of my living room so it doesn't look like a garage blew up. I'm having some other moms over on Tuesday night, so I need to tidy up and get the house decorated for fall.
Oh, and I got a new phone so I need to learn how to use it on the fly.
I've got meals to cook too. I need to make a tray of ziti for Wednesday night, and feed the freezer with lasagna & manicotti.
And at some point with all this I want to do a mani & pedi too.

It was very strange not being home on Friday night. I didn't like not putting my little man to bed. I didn't like the fact that I wasn't there. I know that it didn't help my sleeping situation. I missed my boys terribly.

I've been feeling so scattered lately, and not exactly at the top of my game. I know that a lot of it has been because I am tired a lot of the time. And I compound everything by letting that be my excuse. I don't get a good night's sleep, then I sleep in-thinking that it will make a difference. Since I've slept in, I don't have time to work out. Since I don't have time to work out, why bother to eat healthy. And it spirals out of control from there.
And the whole home care thing, its on the same wavelength. I sleep in too late, so I don't have enough time to do my morning tidy up. As a result, I don't get stuff done around the house. Then after work, I am so tired that I take a little nap (about 15-20 minutes or so) to "recharge". The problem is that I am still really tired. So I don't really do a lot in the evenings. Its a self perpetuating circle.

The bottom line is I need to get a good night's sleep. I never realized how that affected me that much. But apparently it does, and now I need to take care of that and then a lot of my other issues will disappear.

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