Friday, September 03, 2010

No Line on the Horizon

Friday, and its a long weekend. As of tomorrow, I will be upgrading to a new smartphone-a Droid. I really, really really wanted an iphone, but they are not available in the part of the country I live in. For the last few years I've had a Blackberry storm, which was a great way to get into the whole smartphone thing. The downside is I've had nothing but problems with the storm (poor battery life, had to get it replaced twice under the warranty)physically. So, I am happy to be trying something new.
Last night, I did research on some apps that are out there for the Droid to help me live my best life. I need to work on getting life organized. My biggest thing is getting stuff from brain to calendar. I really also need to get the whole eating/exercise/water drinking thing under control as well. Apparently, there are apps for all that.
Tonight, I have a sleep study. I'm curious as to how that will turn out because I know I don't sleep well most nights. Yes, I fall asleep, but I wake up tired a lot of the time so I am not getting a great night's sleep somewhere there. I do know that it is causing me to have some issues with working out because I hit the snooze too many times in the morning. It also means that I need copious amounts of coffee to wake up. Of course, it doesn't help when a kitten decides to bite your nose at 3 AM.
Its going into a long weekend today, and I am looking forward to being around my boys for the next several days. And learning how to use my new phone and get myself up and running. And I have to get a few other things up and running for myself as well-like rest, relaxation and a clean house.
But its Friday. There really isn't anything on the horizon for the next few days (and I like it like that).

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