Friday, October 08, 2010

Decisions, Decisions

Finally made it to Friday, and today is not starting out how I imagined it to. Little Man has a fever, and is generally feeling pretty cruddy. Big Man is getting over the same crud. If he calls out sick from work, I know he's sick. Like really sick. Apparently Little Man came home from school yesterday, and started spiking a fever. If he willingly goes to lay down I know he doesn't feel good.
Even the puppy dog was sick this week. He had tummy trouble on Wednesday. If he starts eating grass like there's no tomorrow, he also ate something that didn't agree with him. Don't ask me how I know he ate grass.

I hate to say this, but everytime we take a foster placement, we all get sick. And I mean SICK. I don't want to insuinate anything but...its a pretty big coincidence.

So I am home this morning, until the Big Man gets home from work. Its part of my mommy duties. I don't know if I can accomplish anything, and that's all right. I've got a bunch of stuff to get done this weekend. The school harvest party is next Friday, and there is still so much to do for it! I did a walk through with some committee members last night, and the original plans I think need to be changed. If we use the kitchen, we have to pay $250, so we were not going to use it. However, after walking through the commons, I realized that there are a gazillion issues that come up with 2 plugs and a lot of extension cords and power strips powering crock pots and roasters. Plus using fountain soda, and cups plus little people, in my mind creates a safety hazard. I sent an email to my committee members and so far I've had about half agree with me about the kitchen, so I think I'm about to make an executive decision and go for it.

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