Saturday, October 09, 2010

What a week it has been. It starter with a houseguest and ended with the Little Man having strep throat & a double ear infection.
During the battle over taking his antibiotics, I made a realization about my own health. I am terrible about taking medicine, even vitamins. Its like I "forget" or have the excuse i didn't pour myself a drink or something. It's the same thing with diet and exercise, its not making the effort. It's just this lack of focus & dedication to myself & my family.
And I realized that it all basically converges. It's a convergence of my physical, mental and emotional well being. By taking short cuts and cutting corners, denying myself pleasures and inflicting self punishment....its been a vicious cycle for a very long time.
I know that there is a part of me that wants to see what I can get away with...if I eat junk everyday, what will I do to my health? How will it impact me? How far can I go by not drinking enough water and eating junk?
And most importantly: how does this impact my family? Does my not taking medicine prove a point to the little man?
Or eating healthy?
Or not exercising?
Or getting enough sleep?
Or enough rest?
So, what do I need to do to make my life better? To set a good example?
Basically, I need to make sure I get the rest I need everyday. It's not just about sleep, its about being in the moment with my family. It's not running through the mental to do list and thinking of everything else that I am supposed to be doing. It's enjoying that particular instant; because it will be gone.
It's making the effort that I deserve to be healthy and happy. I deserve to get my hair cut on s regular basis and my eyebrows done and all that stuff. It's doing the girlie stuff I love like manis & pedis. It's listening to music I love, and really enjoying myself. It's meditating and clearing my mind. It's being my best or at least trying to.

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