Saturday, October 09, 2010

Once upon a time I was a bit of a hippie chick. Not a tie dye wearing patchouli oil infused greasy looking hippie, but more in terms of sensibility. I guess I was into organic before it was cool...maybe I was some sort of trend setter or something.
I got into yoga long before it was popular or cool. I found it to be a great way to stretch out aching joints & relieving back pain. Not to mention that awesome peaceful feeling it gives you. As a side effect of it, my yoga instructor introduced me to the benefits of neti treatments. Its going to sound gross, but neti is the best thing you can do for.your sinus cavities. I swear it from getting sick.
I use the sinus cleanse system dispenser instead of a neti pot. Basically, I add a teaspoon of salt to a bottle of warm water & squirt it up the opposite nostril. The gunk comes out the other side and clears out the sinus cavity. When its allergy season or if you are getting the beginnings of a cold, when you rinse you can feel the pressure changes in your head (its actually a pretty cool feeling). If you do neti treatments you wind up never really getting stuffy noses or bogged down by allergies.
The other thing I got out of yoga was doing yoga (that's a bit.of a duh thing, but digress). I daily dozen almost every day. I start with mountain pose, then gate pose morphing into warrior 1 & 2. From there i get into triangle and dancer poses. Next up is downward dog to cat (they get along just fine!) Into table to cobra to child's pose and rolling up into hero.
It takes probably all of 5 minutes, which is how long it takes for the computer to boot up. The days don't do it, I can really feel it. Especially as I get older.
The other hippie chick thing that I believe in is using more natural products to clean with. All those chemicals aren't that great to breathe in. Case in point, I wound up in the ED with an asthma attack due to breathing in a lot of cleaning products in a small, confined space. Not good.
So I use vinegar & water as an all purpose cleaner. I swear since I made the switch there has been marked improvement in little man's behavior as well. To kill the vinegar smell, I add essential oil to it (lavender is great, so is eucalyptus). It's great for cleaning counters, Windows-even the floor!
I also love love LOVE method products. The bathroom cleaner smells so great & fresh and does the job really well. I use the Mr. Clean magic bath eraser in the shower daily to keep the soap scum from building up. After a shower I wipe down the walls & spray daily shower cleaner & it really keeps it clean.
My other favorite product is method daily granite which keeps my counters looking good.

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