Thursday, October 07, 2010

Sho Thing

I have made it to Thursday, and boy do I have a day ahead of me! Work, errands to run (library, return library books, hulabaloo meeting, alphagraphics)and then home with my family. That's the best part of it all.
Add to it dropping off the house guest's left behind clothes to DSS, and I don't think I have a moment's peace. However, its all good.

Its Thursday, and the weekend is lurking right around the corner. I don't have anything really planned for the weekend, which is great. What I want to do: feed my freezer (chicken plan). Bake some cookies. Sleep. Deep clean my kitchen. Grocery shopping (necessary evil). Get my dog blessed on Sunday.

Feeding my freezer has been a little bit of a hobby for me over the years. For a while there, I was really superb about it, and had tons of stuff in there. The last few years, not so much. However, that is about to change again. Honestly, it works for me because I have meals pretty much ready to go.
It encompasses a main dish, a few side dishes, a bread like thing and cookies. Each week I have a theme (pasta, chicken, ground meat and breakfasts)and I make several meals and put them in the freezer downstairs. For example, according to my schedule, this week is the chicken week. I use chicken thighs (you can get them for $5 for about 12-which equals about 3 meals in my house)and I add seasonings and marinade to them before I wrap them up to freeze. I usually make up packages of cajun chicken, sesame ginger, sweet chili, taco, paprika, curry and Italian herb. I also make up some side dishes. I got a 10lb bag of potatoes for 1.99 last week, so I thnk I am going to make up some mashed potatoes to freeze and get good use out of them-garlic herb, poblano chili and plain.
I also want to get some biscuits back in the freezer. I love garlic parmesan ones, and I haven't made them in forever!

Big Man is sick, and he never gets sick. He's got a horrendous cold, and bopping back and forth between having a fever and not. I feel bad for him, because since he doesn't get sick often, he's not a great patient. Or is patient. I know he's sick when he calls out from work, which he did. Apparently there is strep going around again, and flu season apparently is hitting a little early. All adds up for a toxic brew of ickiness. I just hope that the little man stays healthy because he doesn't handle being sick well. I think that's a boy thing.

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