Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I had the most glorious day yesterday, spending time with my boys. Little Man had a dentist appointment, and he didn't have any cavities, again! I am so proud of him because tooth brushing was an issue for him for so long. He would scream and cry and basically have a meltdown. All over tooth brushing. We won't even get into flossing!
It took having to have dental surgery last year to get over the tooth brushing and going to the dentist. I am sure he had problems prior to that but the dentist could never get in to do a detailed exam or even x-rays. But now we like brushing and flossing and all of that.
I've been doing a lot of thinking over the last few days about what I want to do in terms of changing my style. Little Man told me he likes me with longer hair, and I know that the Big Man does too, so to keep peace in the house I am growing it out a little bit. Just a little. Back to shoulder length, so its still manageable but they will like it.
I also have been thinking about clothes. A lot.
First and foremost, I am looking forward to wearing leggings. I love leggings with a long sweater and a great pair of boots. (so retro 80's, I know but somethings never change). I love shorter skirts because I do have pretty decent legs. I love a shorter skirt with a pair of tights and boots. Yes, I totally love boots. I love pretty, flirty dresses too. I haven't worn a lot of dresses the last several years because of humpy.
I love a great pair of boyfriend jeans with a white shirt and a cardigan with a pair of keds.
I love a pair of Audrey Hepburn black pants with ballet flats and a black turtleneck.
I love high heels, and make up and great purses.
Seriously, I like to look good.
And it takes a little effort to look good. Its not really a chore, I just have to remind myself that its all worth it. But I see saw back & forth over it. I am not consistent, which all goes back to whether or not I feel like I worth it.
Like the Loreal tag line, I am. Most definately.
In order to look good, it does take effort. It takes getting enough sleep. Eating right. Exercising. Staying hydrated. Relaxing and lowering my stress level. There are a lot of little things that add up to a big thing, which is me being my best.
For a while now, I really haven't cared about what I wore, because nothing looks right due to humpy. Seriously. I try to hide him, but it doesn't work out too well. There's no camoflauging him no matter how hard I try. But soon, I will be looking good. I won't say that I will have a completely flat stomach, but I will look much better than I look now. In order to really succeed, I will have to work hard to get my body back. I will have to exercise and eat right and get enough sleep and supplement and all that to be my best.
After all, I have a lot of shopping to make up for.

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