Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Here we go with another Wednesday. Today is the Little Man's class harvest party, the one that was thrown together at the last minute because of the person who was supposed to be charge of planning it basically dropped off the face of the earth. Ugh. So I cut out paper and foam to make pumpkin frames. And pulled out pin the hat on the turkey. And ran to Hobby Lobby on my way home from work yesterday. Extra stress I don't need, to be perfectly honest.
But I am excited to be going and spending time with my son.
I have a ton of housework that needs to be done, including laundry from 2 days ago that needs to be put away. And floors to mop, and dusting and polishing, oh my. Don't forget the grocery shopping too!
I think I just cringe somedays when I think of how much needs to be done, and this odd perspective I have on life. That monotony of cleaning the same things, day after day. The frustration of picking up the same things over and over and over. Sometimes feeling as if others mess things up on purpose to see how crazy they will drive me.
But on a positive note, the house does look a lot better again, and it really doesn't take a lot of time. It just takes me getting over the mental road blocks.
The wind is howling outside, and rumor has it that it is hurrican force strength. Mind you, I live in tornado alley. Its also getting cold out and there is the possibility of snow today. Ugh. I am not ready for snow. I am not ready for winter.
I am ready, however, for Halloween. Sort of. I have the candy and the costume and all that. We still need a pumpkin (and I need one for Saturday AND Sunday).
And I desperately need to go grocery shopping. I really haven't in weeks, and while I have enjoyed not dealing with that, I have not enjoyed the consequences of running out of fruit and lunch materials.
Lunch, the bane of my existence. I so desperately want to eat healthy, yet I don't have healthy foods to make said healthy lunch. So I eat crap. And I don't enjoy it. Too much fried foods give me heartburn. And increase my waistline and cholesterol levels. Not to mention, sending me down the road to diabetes and all sorts of other health issues.
I love Asian chicken salad wraps. They are tasty and good for me. Basically you take a can of chicken, rinse it (gets rid of the beaucoup salt). Put it in a bowl. Add diced scallions, some water chesnuts and any other Asian vegetables (I love to add broccoli slaw). Top with sesame ginger salad dressing. Add to a wrap with lettuce, roll up and enjoy. Its really good when paired with crystal lite peach green tea and stacy's pita chips (or home made ones too)
My mouth is watering as I write this too.

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