Sunday, October 03, 2010

Its very early Sunday morning. I am tired, I had two nights in a row of be awakened by the KK (Krazy Kat) attacking me at 3 AM. Its not just one incident, its continous until I basically get up, and who wants to be up at 3 AM if you don't have to be?
But I was. Unintentionally. I did fall back asleep until the kids woke up now.
I need the coffee to kick in desperately.
I have a pair of Rykia sneakers that I've actually had for a few years now that are completely worn out. They actually hurt my feet and legs and I woke up with them aching this morning. I wore them all day yesterday while I cleaned the house and ran errands and went to wally world. I think it was wally world that did me in.
I never realized how important good sneakers were until I started seriously running. There is a huge difference between bad and good sneakers and they do wear out eventually.
My aching legs this morning are a great example.

I am getting into a routine with the two kids now, to a certain extent. I need to do a lot before bed in order to assure that everything is done. One is make sure lunches are packed for myself and the Little Man (HG's preschool provides lunch). I need to make sure that clothes for 3 are laid out the night before too because it makes the mornings smoother. I also have to make sure that the kitchen is clean, chores are done and all that because I have less time in the morning.
The problem for me is, by the time evening rolls around I am tired. I work all day, and then I have more awaiting me at home. It could almost be soul draining. I mean, I go to work, I come home and its literally the second shift. When I don't stay on top of things, then the house looks downright awful and no one is happy. Its just there's a point I reach in the week when I am done. DONE. And nothing else gets done.

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