Monday, October 04, 2010

Once again, Monday rolls around. The house is clean, laundry is done, there is food ready to go for dinners for the next several days. I feel like things are in good shape for me and I feel pretty confident that I can maintain it.
Baseball ended yesterday, and my Mets were so far from playing meaningful games since July that I am glad that they could be put out of their misery. Of course, the Big Man's Yankees are in it, and they are going to do well. They are the Yankees. They do well no matter what.

So, its Monday. I don't have any real plans for the week, no meetings other than the HG's case worker coming for her weekly visit and youth group. This doesn't happen very often. I can actually get things back into a groove this week! I did an entire month of planning for meals, etc. the last few weeks and I feel confident that I can keep it up.
Basically, I need to do things that are going to make my life easier. Let's face it, I am crazy busy. Right now I am mom to two kids, a dog and a cat. I've got a husband. I have a house. I am PTO president and I work two jobs. There is grocery shopping to do, cleaning and laundry. I try to squeeze in workouts and play time, and sleep.
It all goes back to priorities. What do I want to accomplish today?

Today I want the kids to get up, get dressed and get out of the house with minimal tears, yelling or anything else. I want to get through my day today without major problems. I want to get home and not have any issues. I need to tidy up my car, because its rather a dumping ground (Sunday school stuff in the trunk, etc.)and I can't stand it. Its not quite up to the rolling landfill days of my college years, but its heading to that level.
Its that self defeating behavior rearing its ugly head. I threw out my other garbage bag, and forgot to replace it. So...I need to do that today. And wash the windows.

Its Monday morning, I need to get the day going. A little yoga and stretching before I get the day on.

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