Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Rush of Blood to the Head

Last Tuesday, I banged my head on the door frame of my car. This is nothing new-it happens a lot. Its the probably the 500th time I've done it. I blame it partially on the construction of the door (I never had this problem with the Buick) and mostly on the fact that I am perpetually distracted.
However, this time was really special. I wound up giving myself a concussion. I had a headache since Tuesday, and didn't feel quite right. I attributed it to the fact that 1. Little Man had strep & a double ear infection. I was fighting off being sick 2. I was tired and stressed, so headaches and feeling off were nothing new. 3. I wasn't eating right and exercising due to items 1 & 2, so yeah I probably have a headache and feel off because of that. And I was feeling nauseous, but I attributed that to all of the above.
But Thursday morning, I was sitting at my desk at work. The headache was just unbearable. I called my doctor, who was off until this upcoming week. So, the doctor covering for her told me I needed to go to the ER because if I need a CT scan, they can take care of it right then & there. So, off I went.
Isn't that what football players get from a really bad hit?
This was something that I did a gazillion times before. How could I have a concussion?
But I do.
So I must rest. Its driving me crazy. I don't have the energy to do anything other than sleep, and while I may need the rest, I feel like I am being a load. My poor son is upset that I am not playing with him, and that I am being the usual mommy that I am. I don't like feeling like this.
Besides, I have too much to do.
Or do I?
I am actually a little fed up with how busy I am all the time. Honestly, I'd rather be hanging out at home for the most part, but that just doesn't seem to happen regularly. I want to do things together as a family, but that doesn't happen much either-mainly because I am tired or too busy. I thought I had slowed down my life, and for a while it seemed that I did. But lately its ramped up again.
I need to put things in reverse. Stat.
Maybe this concussion was what I needed to get back my life.
I have spent the last several days resting. No agenda, no to do list, no nothing. Rest.
Its not a four letter word.

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