Thursday, October 21, 2010

what is the what?

We got a DVR for our TV upstairs, which really makes sense since this is where we watch the most TV. I spent about 30 minutes last night setting up recordings. I set up series recordings for my 3 favorite shows-Glee, Ghosthunters and Hoarders. This way, I can watch them whenever. Its pretty darn cool if you ask me.
I love when technology serves me like this. I love when things work out the right way, and make my life better.
Speaking of making my life better, I am re-evaluating things. There are some friendships that I see as ending due to them running their course. There are others that I realize weren't really friendships at all, basically born out of convenience where I wind up being the doormat (again) and when I finally take a stand, the other person isn't interested. I guess I like being really useful and will go out of my way to help out friends. That is quite evident, and I am loyal to a fault. Unfortunately, it also attracts others who find me convenient, and can take advantage of those personality traits. The downside is I get so wrapped up in it that I don't notice until its too late, and I am caught up in their drama.
And there is a lot of drama always going on it seems.

But its Thursday, and I am on the backend of a week. I am looking forward to an opportunity to get my house cleaned this weekend, get some baking done and a few other things. Spend time with the boys, and just enjoy myself. Isn't that what its all about? Forget about the other dramas going on in my life, and move along.

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