Monday, November 29, 2010

A better version.of me

In exactly 8 days, I will be embarking on a brand new journey. I will be having surgery to send humpy off into oblivion. I.will no.longer look like.a.lopsided 9 month pregnancy.

Once humpy is gone, I will be see what my body looks like & what I to wear a bikini this summer.

I have 3 goals body wise:

1. Eat more healthfully. It's been so frustrating-i try healthy but I don't see any difference because of humpy. I do know I feel better when I eat healthy. I have more energy & my skin looks better. Even my hair is shinier.

2. Exercise to build a better body. I've tried to do this over the years, but its been disheartening to not see progress. I dont see anything moving forward or feeling stronger. Without humpy i won't have this massive.excuse.

3. Take of myself over all. I need to get my haircut regularly. I need to have weekly spa appointments in my bathroom (facial, manicure & pedicure then off to a massage on my recliner). I need to give myself rest.

It's those little things that make a difference.

When I exercise consistently, I want healthy. I.don't want and when I'm taking care of myself, everything else falls in line. I truly become super mommy & can

It might not make sense to some why eating better means my house is cleaner or my scrapbooking is all caught up. It's all about feeling better about who I am. It was about a year ago at this time that I lost my mojo. It's been a long, tough climb and seeing this surgery as the pinnacle.

Then I will have 6 weeks to revaluate my life & what really matters. It's.a.chance for me to put aside all the bs that clouds my.focus. I spend 8.5 hours a day at work. I spend about 7 hours sleeping. Another 30 minutes commuting. The rest of my time isn't that much in terms of what needs to be done in my world.

There are so many things that suck away time & energy that aren't necessary. Way too much stress over stuff that doesn't matter.

So my goal during my recovery is to let go of the bs.

I need to focus on me and healing. I need to.focus on my family. I need to.focus on building a better version of me. It's a chance for me to look and feel better. I get 6 weeks healthier. To reclaim my home. To reclaim my life. To figure out what I to do. Who I want to hang with.

Who I want to be.

A better version of me.

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fran said...

Hey Dee - From my view point, you don't look like you need improvement. I think you're really doing a great job with your family and interests. Keep in mind if you raise the bar too high it will be unattainable and create frustration. Be realistic. You're family and friends love you for who you are and have been for the last 39 years!!
I'll keep you in my prayers for a speedy recovery!