Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday far away from.the mall today.

For one thing, its amateur hour. Secondly; I've got better with my time today.

Like turn into Magic Mommy and save the world with Crazy Lava Cat & Symfer Man. My son invented those characters last night. We were saving the world.from.Evil Diarrhea Dwarf. We had quite the adventure too. In the afternoon, my sister be the villain as Evil Anut Woman. I love his creativity!

Back to black Friday, I don't need anything that with the insanity. I.have done the day on both sides of the fence. Big Man is in the middle.of the madness as we speak. I.know he will be tired & stick a fork in me I'm done.

I don't have much housework either. A lot.of laundry. Do the floors. Clean the bathrooms. Change sheets. Change out towels. That's about it.

Plan for supermarket domination next week.

In 10 days I am having surgery. I build up my pantry. Make lasagna.& baked.ziti to.throw in the freezer.

I've also begun envisioning surgery life. I will be able to.start working out again in early January, that is taking a slow.walk on the treadmill. Hey, its a start!

The bottom line is I have the tools & lead my best life, but somewhere along the way I lost it. I need things that enhance my life and bring me joy, but letting the busyness of dsy to day living take over makes for an unhappy mommy. I'm.letting technology do the work.for me.

I.found an app for the Book.of.Common Prayer. I'm.very excited because I have my prayer book right there on my phone. I.will readily spiritual life has taken a dump.since.motherhood took.over. I have to make the effort to now, i.really have no.excuse, its on my phone. I can do morning.prayer and evening prayer and.compline. there isn't any excuse.other than the app not.working.

I.also like praying the rosary. Wait you say you are Episcopalian. They don't pray the rosary! Au contraire, we do. And there is an app.for that. And it talks, so I can plug it car stereo & pray the rosary on my way to work. I do.that but I lost that somewhere along the way.

My other big issue is the fact.that I stopped meditating. It really has ramped stress.and unhappiness.level. basically, since I.don't take the time to.clear my head, I suffer. I.found a I.can clear my head and make the transition from work to home. I need that transition to go from energy up to chill mommy.

Its hard for me to shut.down & transition and I.admit that I need help.

My other big issue is that I can be all talk & no action. I need the reminders of what I need to know what I have to clean or what is my laundry schedule or what's the room.of the day. So I finally.updated the calendar on my phone. That should help me. I've been so.scattershod since becoming a mom that I just can't seem to.get it.together. I mean, I know I could but I.don't....and I think on some.levels I.use my busyness as an excuse to compensate for being disorganized.and scattered.

But I.need to regain control over my life again. It's not hard, but I need to be more.disciplined. its hard to have that discipline when I'm not.seeing progress or.dealing with.chronic.exhaustion.

And by being disorganized, I have excuses.

Lots of them.

And I'm.seeing the excuses manifest themselves in the little man. He doesn't pick up after himself. Why should he when I.don't? Why should.or would eat healthy when I don't? I.set myself up and.I.don't want to.see that son. At.least the big man on the straight & narrow.

Post surgery, I have 6 weeks to regain & recaliberate my life.

First and foremost, I get healthy. Period. I am tired.of not.fueling my body with good foods. I need to.move in a healthful manner. I need the spiritual side.too.

It's what makes me, well me. I'm a much better wife & mother when I take care of myself. There is nothing wrong with me nails.done or doing a facial. It's not being selfish, its actually being more generous. If care.of myself then I can't take care of

What jazzes me.the most to really be Magic.Mommy? One is to eat healthy. Seriously, I love foods. I love oatmeal, soy milk & fruit for breakfast or an egg white & veggies omelette or a.smoothie filled with fruit. And a grapefruit a day. For.lunch I do like to.go vegetarian. Seriously. It feel.good. I love fruit for.snacks. and I love water with mint & lemon. Very refreshing.

The second thing that jazzes me is exercise. I really love yoga. It's a 20+ year love affair, almost as long as I've known my husband. And I love pilates. Both make me very body conscious-and it causes me to take better care of me.

I also love the endorphin rush I get from cardio & weights.

The next on the jazz list is a.clean home & good meals. I actually like doing the daily maintenance that keeps it buzzing along. It makes such a huge difference.

But what jazzes me the most are my boys. I love being with them. They world. Period.

It's black Friday and instead of buying gifts, I'm giving myself one

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