Thursday, November 18, 2010

Get the balance right

It's Thursday, and I'm on the backside of the week. Yay! Night 2 of sleeping with my machine & so far, so great. It's amazing that something so simple.can make.such a difference.

It's a busy week. Last night was youth group. Tonight is PTO. Tomorrow is Parent/Son bowling. Saturday I have errands to run. And going into next week its thanksgiving.

Not quite ready.

Actually, its not all bad. Pumpkin pie. Sweet potatoes. Ham. Mashed potatoes. Roasted Brussels sprouts. Carrots. Pecan pie too.

Then we get into crunch time. It will be the week presurgery. I have so much to get done between work & home. I need to get my life & family ready for.the soon to be

I am.looking forward to being able to bend over. And getting out of a sofa without wobbling. I'm also vowing to take better care of myself overall. I decided that its definitely worth my while to make myself a priority. Honestly, the fact that I like to get my nails done or my hair cut on a regular basis doesn't make me a diva.

Once upon a time, I didn't think twice about any of the above.

I was talking with another mom at school the other day about self care. She's at the other end of the spectrum from me, which means we can learn from each other. We both work full time & are involved in the community. Both of our husbands have demanding jobs. She has more kids than, and we were talking about balance.

She had some good advice on managing time & priorities. She does a lot of outsourcing. Once a month she has a cleaning service come in & do a big clean of her house. She said its the best $60 she spends all month. I've toyed with the idea of a cleaning lady over the years, but the older I get and the more.valuable I find my spare time, the more I think its a good idea.

I used to think taking care.of me was extravagant. With being older & wiser, I'm realizing its not. I work hard and I think I do deserve some little luxuries in my life. Like regular manicures or a cleaning woman or picking up lunch from Panera or Qdoba. I'm not trying to be a princess or live unrealistically but there are.some things that are important to.keep the balance in my life.

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