Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Love plus one

Oh Wednesday, here you are again.

Little Man has a half day of school today, and the Princess is picking him up & I believe they are going to the arcade today. How fun!

He has started drawing, like seriously drawing. Sketchbook and all drawing. He drew a picture of plankton from sponge bob that was so good i thought it was a coloring sheet. He's now graduated to woody, lotso & zurg from toy story as well as a stunning portrait of Santa Claus.

What a talented kid!

It's Wednesday& I've been eating very healthy all week...and instead of losing weight, I've gained. Huh? Go.figure that one out.

Tomorrow is my oldest nephew's birthday. I remember before he was even born, that's how long the big man & I have been a couple. Thanks to my nephew, it made me fall in love with the big man even more. He was so excited to be an uncle, and he definitely could not wait for him to make his arrival. The fact that he was so excited to be an uncle as well as the fact he was a natural with kids meant that I really wanted to be with this guy.

There were other signs that he was the man for me over the years too. When we adopted a cat together, and how he was so.loving with her over the years. It was another side of Mr. Tough guy, the side that I saw on a regular basis.

Now that we are parents, I see yet another side of him, one of patience & determination. One of unconditional love.  My father died when I was very young, so I grew up without a strong male role.model in my life. I really didn't understand how important dads are in a child's life. I've seen the significant difference its made for my son & how its significantly impacted him. It's helped him blossom & grow. He's learning how to be a man from watching his daddy in action. And that's a good thing.

Over the last 18 or so years, the big man & I have weathered a lot.of storms. I know that I fell in love with him even more (if that was even possible) when we became parents, and it became love plus one.

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