Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas is Coming

Twas the week before Christmas and all through the house, very little stress was brewing and mommy was stuck on the couch.

What is done for the holidays is done, and I cant do much more.due to physical limitations post op. I take a shower & I'm exhausted. I go anywhere & I need a nap. Pain is still a constant companion, although its intensity is decreasing. My belly button is the most painful part of the 18 inch incision.(guess I wont be wearing a bikini come summertime)

Right now its cold and wintry. I am craving cold weather comfort food. I love chili and stew this time of year. I also love fresh baked bread to go along with it. And thick yummy desserts to top off my meal.

This is also the time of year I start nesting again. It seems the combination of the new year & putting away the Christmas decorations inspires me to get things in order. And it usually lasts for a few weeks, then i get tired/bored/frustrated & go back to the old ways.

I have learned a few things watching my mother in law from my chair. Things need to be done daily, and they need to be done with regularity. I know that swiftering my floors, dusting & swish/swipe the bathrooms need to get done every day. Then there is the whole making the beds and cleaning the kitchen up. For a lot of folks, this is a no brainer. It's not so much for me. Like ive said for years, I was skipped over with the cleaning gene. But in order for my family to be happy and whole, I need to get this party started.

First, I need to clear my schedule. I'm really tired of busyness cluttering my life. I've let others have too much power over me.  I work, and that's a given. Other than that, I need to take back the rest of my life.

I tried this a few months ago, and it did help, but then I got re involved with other activities, and they sucked away time and energy. And I let it happen too.

So, the fact that I am laid up for another 5 weeks, I can spend time re-evaluating my life. I know what's not working and I've got ideas about what does.

Knowing that there isn't any pressure on me to make Christmas perfect this year is so freeing. I can enjoy the holiday without pressure or stress. And enjoy watching the awe & wonder in my son's eyes.

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