Saturday, January 01, 2011

Strange Times

I'm still on a Black Keys kick, and I really think its a band folks should check into. I also am loving Cee Lo's new single, but that discussion is for a different day.

I've never been a big New Years Eve kind of girl. I'm not much of one going out on what I've referred to as amateur night. I'd much rather stay home, and watch the ball drop. Last night we watched Tom & Jerry on DVD, and were all in bed before 10:30, long before midnight.

We don't have any new years day traditions in our family. We had a snowstorm yesterday and today is supposed to be windy and brutally cold out today, so I don't think that the little man & I are doing much of anything. Maybe the gingerbread house, maybe some games.

The Big Man needs to pick up yet another prescription for me (a new antibiotic, that is supposed to finally clear up this nasty infection) at the only pharmacy in town, which is as far away from my house as you can get and still be in city limits. At least its Wal-Mart so that means all is not lost for the pork roast yet.

I used to love the parade of roses, but al roker ruined it.for me.

So the only other thing that I've taken from my childhood into my adult life is having a pork roast on new years day. According to, it is a tradition in Austria & Hungary, which is my ancestry on my mother's side. It is also a tradition in Italy, which is the Big Man's heritage as well.

Garlic Rosemary pork roast

Pork roast

5-6 garlic cloves peeled


1 cup water

Potatoes, peeled and quartered

Pre heat oven to 400. Cut small slits in the pork roast & insert garlic cloves. Place roast in pan, sprinkle with rosemary. Add some water to pan, place potatoes around roast. Cook at 400, 20 mins per pound. Add water as needed. Let roast rest for several minutes before slicing & serving.

I'm hoping that I can kick this infection's butt and can get my life back. Im tired of feeling like crud all the time. I've actually healed up pretty nicely from the surgery itself. Its just this infection is causing me intense pain, and I'm really tired of medication. I'm tired of changing the packing, and Im really tired of feeling like I've got the flu. I really need the energy back to be my best as a wife and mother.

Happy new year!

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