Saturday, May 14, 2011

Bubble Toes

I love pedicures, however, they are very expensive. I won’t lie-I’d rather my son have a book or a toy than me having a professional pedicure. So, I instead, will do one at home. I invested in some tools

And a foot spa

Before I do anything, I take off my old nail polish color.

Next, I start with filling the foot spa with warm water, a tsp of Epsom salts and a few shakes of peppermint oil. I let the foot spa do its magic for about 15 minutes.

After I dry my feet off, I use my ped egg to get rid of my calluses.

Then, its getting down to business. I trim my nails, clean up the cuticles, and get ready for a nice burst of color. Right now, I am digging blue toes.

To finish off, I use JR Watkins foot cream and use it daily to keep the pedicure looking great.

To help keep things happy and sandal ready, I use Ms. Pedicure foot scrub daily.

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