Friday, May 20, 2011

Everyday a Winding Road

I have a confession to make: Meghan and I grew up together. We graduated high school together, and were on the newspaper and yearbook together. For a great number of years she had the writing career I had coveted.

While I am not world famous, or a best seller, or what not, I realized that there was a lot more to my life than hers.

For one thing, I met my true love pretty darn early in my life. He's been sweeping me off my feet since 1993. If you are counting folks, that's 18 years. That's a dang long time for two people to be staring across a table at each other. But we do, and still continue to do so.

Another thing, is I am settled. I am happy with my life, for the most part. Sure, I'd love to lose some weight. I'd love to complete a to do list. I'd love to do a lot of things but if I don't (and I usually don't), its ok.

I have an amazing life. I may not have gone to Vassar or write for the LA Times, but I am a rockstar to two very important people in my life.

I have to admit, I just started the book, and I am not far enough into to formulate an opinion. But, from what I have gathered, I know I made the right choices. Everything that has happened in my life has brought me to this very spot, for a very specific reason. I may not know what it is at the time, but even the littlest choice has significant effect for me. Call it my own personal butterfly effect.

I have realized that a choice to go out with a friend one evening led me to meeting my husband.

I have realized that if it was not our struggle with infertility, I would never have been a foster parent.

 Or an adoptive parent.

Or a parent, period.

I have realized that if it wasn't for a bully chasing me when I was 7, I would never have run into Rev. Anderson and the shortcut through his backyard. It also led me to being an Episcopalian.

I have realized that it took my father in law dying for us to start living our lives.

There are so many blessings that have come out of something so small, so minor that have gone on to change my life.

Everyday is a winding road.

And my life is perfect.

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