Saturday, June 04, 2011


I was out surfing the blgosphere this week, seeking inspiration. There are some immensely talented folks out there that just AMAZE me.

Its almost Father's Day, and as I said here I have struggled with Father's Day. I am really making a concerted effort this year, because I am married to one awesome dad.

This  Awesome tie banner I found:

Seems like I could easily whip up!

Then over at Tip Junkie's Father's Day Card could be easily added to a bottle of diet coke.

I saw this adorable Father's day printable, perfect for scrapbooking and remembering our kiddo's thoughts at a particular point in time

Then the fathers day treat can here is super cute!

Perfect and so different from a treat bag

Of course, breakfast in bed is always welcome-and the mini donut recipe sounds super easy.

Happy crafting!

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That tie is SO cute, ohmygoodness! Found you through the blog hop and I'm your newest follower! Stop by when you have a chance, & if you have a twitter, I would love to be friends with you there as well! & @shelbylatelycom