Friday, August 05, 2011

Shake Dog Shake

When we first got our dog, one of our neighbors-a fellow dog owner-suggested reading Marley & Me. I put myself down on the reserve list at the library, and waited patiently.
The whole life with a puppy was a surreal blur.

I never imagined the sweet, lovable dog we currently have could have come from the demon puppy we brought home from the humane society.
I completely related to John Grogan.

Our dog liked my shoes, especially black, expensive ones.
He ate my husband's eye glasses, and mine.

He destroyed a Cabela's catalog.

But he also is the most amazing dog, with so much love and happiness and joy. You can't stay down long with our dog. He will kiss you till you smile.

Marley has now evolved into a series of children's books. My son loves Bad Dog Marley

 and A Very Marley Christmas.
The children's books are really well written, and enjoyable for both the little person and the adult reading along. Two paws up!

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