Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Time can be my enemy done days. It seems to slip away sometimes. I struggle with not having enough time. I've used it as an excuse to not to do things, like cook or clean. But I ha e the same 24 hours in the day everyone else has. It's what I make of it.

Yesterday was my,first day back to work post op. I was exhausted when I came home. Little Man had a no school day, and the Big Man was tired too-after having worked all day, getting up at 1:30 & then child-care. So he was beat, I was beat & all I wanted to do was rest.

Today will be better. I admit I was out of sorts all day due to lots of firsts.

It will be better today.

I know what I'm walking into. I feel confident.

It's Tuesday, and I have to work on getting back to routines. I have to work on managing my time better, squeezing things in. For example, exercise. I'm multitasking walking on the treadmill & blogging. I need to get back in the habit of during commercials doing exercises. It's a great time to do my ab routine & still be with my family. Just like daily cleaning helps keep the house running.

I have to work on keeping up the energy level up in my house. That's huge too. If we are all dragging everyone suffers.

Tonight will be different.

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